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Hijab during childbirth: how to maintain it?

Salaams ladies,

There's not much point apologising for my absence - I am getting worse and worse lol.
I wanted to pose this question to all the mothers who still read this blog: how did you maintain your hijab during the childbirth process? By this I mean the birth itself as well as the period afterwards spent in hospital.

As my own 'day' approaches, I have been thinking more about this. It's important to me to ensure that my child is exposed to Islam from the earliest that we can - and from his first breath seems the best way to do that! There's no point forgoeing hijab when it's something I wear every day. However, going through the public health system in Australia means that there is a possibility that male health professionals will be involved with the birth. I will be trying my best to ensure that there are only females (hopefully midwives only) in the room during the entire process but obviously there has to be some sort of plan in the event that a male presence is needed. In Islam, we are advised that in the event of a medical emergency (I would call a birth that in some circumstances for sure!), if a male is the most qualified, then there is no issue in him treating you. I have no problem with that. I would like to though still maintain my physical hijab as much as I can if that situation does occur.
I know that some think that well, if he can see that area then a scarf/long sleeves/etc does nothing, but that's not how I view hijab so please refrain and share your own experiences if you can.

For the period afterwards in the hospital... I don't really have male friends who would visit so I'm OK with males announcing themselves before entering so I can just wear a scarf with my regular clothes. Alhamdulillah, really the only males there will be my husband's friends who would not come inside the room anyway so that's a plus.

So, ladies, tips? What did you do to maintain your hijab? I don't mean being so rigid that even in an emergency no men are allowed in (can't see that working ever really) but rather, what did you wear? Did you express your wishes for a female team to the midwives previously? What was your experience with hijab and childbirth as a whole?

Many thanks sisters :)


LK said...

What the hospital will allow really makes a big difference. Some hospitals will only let you wear a gown. Some will let you keep your own clothes.

In this case they may let you. You might want one of those amira hijabs that you pull on. They wont get in the way and they wont fall off in the fuss. I would bet the sports kind would be great.

Do you by chance have an old abaya you don't care about? Cause it may get ruined in the process LOL You'll want really loose comfy stuff. My cousin wore a light weight night gown the whole time and said that was perfect for comfort.

Having all women will be best but that is hard to do if there is an emergency. God Willing that won't won't be the case and all will be fabulous. Most hospitals can make accommodations like this if told beforehand. Its hard though because rotations are rotations and they can't really pull people from other places to fulfill requests. Luckily, most nurses are women anyway.

I wish you all the best hon! Prayers for you.

lala said...

I had midwives as well both times and asked that all visitors be approved by call-in first and any other males (drs) knock before entering. I still wore whatever of my hijab I could even for anesthesiologist, etc. The midwives had never seen my hair before until they walked in to check in on me after actually and each would pause like did I go in the wrong room for a sec. At first lol. I did have some probs (pediatricans one by to introduce themselves so u can pick one; 1 male didn't knock :/). I just told them to hold it, I had to put on my scarf when I heard/saw them. Kinda sucked that theyd already seen but IMO they didn't have an excuse to see longer once I could help it.

Anyway, ranted. I have been thinking about you sis and am glad to hear from u. I hope and pray you both are doing well and you have a wonderful birth experience inshAllah. May Allah SWT protect you both and may He grant you a pious child. Ameen. Also I know your MIL is sadly not there, do I felt maybe I should ask if you knew about the after birth ghusl? Excuse my intrusion but it's just I never did until I was told. Wish you the best iA!!!

.::Tuttie::. said...

I birthed at home twice and this third on is a planned homebirth again. So I don't have any first hand experience although all my friends who've birthed at home didn't have a problem with physical hijab. They just wore an amira hijab and very lose dress and it didn't bother them. Some also had a doula with them.

L.L. said...

I don't know about in AU, but here in USA when u sign into the hospital (i only have experience w/ the ER, sorry!) they ask if u have certain religous belief's that would require special considerations, ie. female dr's. only. do they do that in AU?

ellen557 said...

Lala no I don't know!!! Tell me what I have to do inshaAllah, I follow Sistani if that helps? I was just thinking about that the other day, whether or not there's something specific I need to do.

ellen557 said...

LK yeah I have an old al-amira lol! Good thinking - a friend of mine wore a long sleeved nightie that covered her legs to the calves and then she just covered the rest with a blanket, that way she could be a bit more mobile. That could work hmm. I might have to go searching because my abayas (even the old ones) aren't breathable enough if that makes sense?

Tuttie inshaAllah there'll be no issues. A loose dress seems to be the way to go I think...

LL - well, not sure... they haven't asked yet at my hospital appointments but a friend did say that she requested female only attendants and she had no issue but that was at a smaller hospital and mine is much bigger so don't know how lucky I will get. It would make sense though that they'd accommodate that sort of thing wouldn't it? InshaAllah I certainly hope so.

ellen557 said...

Lala I did a bit of looking around online, can you tell me if I have the right idea? First 10 days bleeding from the moment the first limb arrives (lol) is Nifas, then once the 10 days is up there is ghusl with the niyat of finishing the nifas, then if there is still bleeding after the 10 days it then is ruled as istihada and you follow the rules for that.
Would that be right?

lala said...

Yes!! For me BOTH times I almost missed it bc I had little sense time the first month lol so maybe set an alarm on your phone ahead of time? I was told that if you miss this ghusl you won't be able to preform it until the next baby--never checked into that but YEAH things I wish convert moms were widely told!!!!

.::Tuttie::. said...

oops. I meant friends who have birthed in HOSPITALS have not had any problem with hijab. :)

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