Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hijab during pregnancy

I know that my own hijab has deeeefinitely suffered during this pregnancy! Of course in the beginning it was fine but then tunics started getting tighter, jilbabs stopped fitting and skirts stopped zipping up lol. I was able to keep wearing my normal pants alhamdulillah because I bought a (life saving!) belt extender thing, but sadly I haven't fitted into my skirts for about 4 months now. I wasn't (and still am not) the type to wear maxi dresses either  because I don't like wearing cardigans over them or long shirts under them, it's way too hot for the summers we get here!

It's definitely not something that I'm happy about! But hey, I don't know anyone let alone myself who is able to afford a whole new wardrobe for the last few months of pregnancy. It's a huge waste of money to be honest. For me now, I live in my jeans and the one pair of maternity pants that I own, and some cheap tunics I bought from Kmart for $10 or less just in the next size up. So inshaAllah I'll still be able to wear them post baby instead of packing them away. But I know that for now, there's only one jilbab I have that fits me and as for my abayas? Well lol they're just sitting in my cupboard and an older one is in my hospital bag! That's because I prefer those that have snaps down the front and don't have any that are closed, hence a bit roomier. But I found some nice piccies of expectant sisters for us all, inshaAllah for the next bub I'll plan my wardrobe a bit better lol!

I like this dress! My tunics are in the same style, would love to find a dress similar to this for next time inshaAllah.  Found here: http://shuhadahasim.wordpress.com/2012/01/

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LK said...

Thats all you got for maternity clothes?! I'm impressed. I could probably do the same thing up until the 3 third trimester since I too like flowy clothing. The women who wear those super tight shirts while preggers I will never get. Seems so uncomfortable.

All the shirts you posted are really cute! Have you tried the store Zeena? They have cute stuff too.

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