Monday, April 2, 2012

I love this abaya!

One thing that makes me feel old is the new designs for abayas out there... When I got my first abaya, it was something considered "flashy" by Saudi standards (Eastern, bit more conservative than Jeddah but not as much as Riyadh) but compared to now? It's so tame!! Wow, some of these abayas are glitzier (and more expensive lol) than ball gowns! Although... I've never actually seen someone walking around in one. They'd be great to wear to weddings as an extra way to dress up before being removed in the party itself but even then... the one above is as glitzy as I'd go lol.
On a side note, I'm sorry for not posting much, things are hectic in more ways than one!


Safiyah said...

The abaya is very beautiful mashaAllah =)

Anonymous said...

omg ure back finally! beautiful abaya mashallah!
Hope more posts to come

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