Monday, November 26, 2012

Breastfeeding and Islam

Our little boy is now 12 days old, mashaAllah. I am in awe of how beautiful he is, mashaAllah!!! It's been a huge 12 days. The birth was not what I wanted it to be, maybe one day I'll post about it to debrief in a way but for now I am so happy that he is here.

One thing I wanted to post about is breastfeeding. We had a horrible time of it in the beginning and it's still hard. Feel free to contact me to talk about any problems you are having and I will let you know exactly what we went through, am just a bit hesitant to share exactly what went wrong in such a public place! But anyway. We are working through it and have seen a great lactation consultant recently which REALLY helped both of us. We're getting better each feed!

So... mums and mums to be. Breastfeeding is the best start for your baby, if you are able to do it. Some people can't and that's that, in which case formula is only second best and that's not a bad thing. Don't feel guilty if you cannot breastfeed. But if you're having problems, DON'T BE QUIET and DON'T STAND FOR PEOPLE NOT LISTENING TO YOU. Some midwives or consultants think everything they know is all good and holy. It is NOT. Depend on Allah SWT and make dua to improve your situation. If it is His will for you to breastfeed, you WILL inshaAllah. Never be afraid to stand up for you and your baby. You'll be feeding for anywhere up to 2 years inshaAllah - so don't just accept it when things aren't working.

Being a parent is a constant challenge. I'm tired, sore, sometimes depressed and sometimes elated. But my little boy is here and it is now my responsibility to be a role model for him in his religion inshaAllah.

Allah huma salee ala Mohammad, wa alee Mohammad!


LK said...

MA your baby is really beautiful!

Breast feeding is hard for a lot of women. Its a myth that its an easy thing. Same with birth being easy. They call it "natural". "Natural" and "easy" do not mean the same thing!

I hope it wasn't too awful for you and you are doing well with your little one.

TH said...

Alhamdulillah sis :) I'm so happy to hear another healthy little Muslim child was brought into the world.

lala said...

Congrats sister :):) breast feeding was very difficult for me the first 2 moths. I'd never seen/known/really heard of anyone breast feeding and my own family was unsupportive :/ like u I saw a consultant (okay many), but really just finding the right one, praying and sticking to it is what made me apt... Er "apt" lol. So inshAllah you are well on your way bc you are feeling better only 12 days in mA. My second baby later I love bfing(easier 2nd time). Anyway I'm sorry your birth didn't go as planned, but alhamdulilah you are enjoying motherhood. It is difficult to have such a new role at times and balance out how to handle it. take your time and be lenient on yourself. You have a lucky little baby mA. May Allah SWT bless you all, make it easy for you, and grant you a pious child. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Salam sis, Congrats and inshallah you and bby will get strong and healthier as time goes Ameen.
i tried emailing you wanting some advice insahllah but it won't send through to this email. ?? did u get a different one?
Jazakallah Khair

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I am so happy for you and your husband! I think you're doing pretty well for feeling like writing a post only 12 days after his birth!

Nursing my daughter came naturally and she never had problems latching on at all, but I am so thankful for good lactation consultants and supportive family and friends, because it doesn't come so easily the majority of the time. Good job hanging in there, and it will get even easier with time as he doesn't need to nurse 14/7 around the clock!

ellen557 said...

Salaam Anon no it's the same one... if it's not working though, feel free to send anything through to the shop address which is which definitely works :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new baby! I had trouble breastfeeding at the start, also, but once we got the swing of it, we both really enjoyed it. It's such a special bond, I wish all mothers could breastfeed.


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