Friday, January 20, 2012

If anyone has any duas to spare... I won't knock any back lol! My husband and I are trying to move to another city and it is harder than I thought! I was 90% done and almost had an apartment but then was called this morning and told that someone else had signed the lease, how that happened I have no idea! It was on the best street as well, perfect for transport and now I can't get past the idea of the place. I've been hoping that they'll call me and say the other person knocked it back but it's already been taken off the internet aww :( 

Allahu ahlem!! I hope that we find a place - I am really excited to have a permanent place as we went from sharing in the family home, to my husband and I having a place for 3 months and now... trying to get something for longer! Insha'Allah.


edibe @ edbdesigns said...

may Allah help make it an easy transition for you.. I understand you soooo well! The apartment thingy happened to me too, the exact same way :( but if its not meant to be, it just doesnt happen.. khayr inshaallah

LK said...

Good luck sweety! Having been a New Yorker for 3 years I feel you on the apartment hunt in a desired area. Have you tried getting a broker or do they not do that in Australia? Its like a realstate agent for apartments.

ellen557 said...

Inshallah Gonul!!

LK I wish! We have to apply (en masse, there's usually at least 10 people per inspection) for an apartment then the agent goes through and chooses the person they like. I wish we had brokers :(

LK said...

huh thats a weird way to do things. Hopefully they love you both!

Anonymous said...

Salam sister..inshallah all is well..just stumbled over ure blog and I'm loving it mashallah. I was wondering if your could maybe do a post touching on saudi girls and what they are like..many seem un-approachable and sometimes act like the "popular" girls at school especially if you have married one of there own, but i am sure not all are the same. Keep up the good work inshallah.
Goodluck with finding another rental.
*Newbie Muslimah

ellen557 said...

Wasalam Newbie Muslimah, inshaAllah I will try and do one but that would be hard... as you said, not all are the same and I've got limited access when you consider the population lol. InshaAllah.

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