Thursday, February 9, 2012

There have been too many things going on in the last few months! We are moving to another city (hijab friendly, yaaaay) in less than 2 months and spent ages trying to find an apartment - we finally found one last week! Alhamdulillah. I'm moving up in about 2 weeks to work and then our moving date is one month after I start at the new job.
Although I think that more may be in the works this year... I have a feeling we will get somewhere with the Saudi visa side of things at around the end of the year (keep getting dreams & some 'flashes' while praying subhanAllah). Things also seem a bit more up in the air too, I don't think we'll stay in this city for a long time (maybe a year or less) - I think that our next city will be somewhere that we'll stay for at least a few years... hmm!

Anyway alhamdulillah for everything, I hope that everyone in the blogosphere is doing well and inshaAllah I'll have more to post about once I've got some exciting things going on but for now all I can say is that I'm almost finished my job and thank God for that ahhaha.


Anonymous said...

Salam ...can u explain how your are getting a saudi visa..if ure husband is a student and you are not legally married "in saudi" to him?
For those in a similar situation it would be really helpful to see other ways of getting around all the walls being put up by the government.
btw we missed you from blogging..don't keep us waiting too long next time lol..jks
alhamdulillah for things steadily going well in ure life.

ellen557 said...

Wasalam anon, no my husband is not a student :) So we are using the standard process. I think if you are engaged or married to a Saudi student at the moment you would probably be best to look at other options (e.g. wasta) for the permission to be honest. There are ways around it but we found even researching it too hard so waited until after the scholarship was finished and transferred to another visa for my country and went from there :)

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