Sunday, May 6, 2012

 Choose between the following 2 places to live. You need to consider yourself and child.

City a) Pros: multicultural, access to halal places, mosques. Cons: a lot of crime, rude people, bad living standards due to high rent charged for awful places.

City b) Pros: more of a town than a city, fresh air, beaches, family friendly & lower cost of living. Cons: less multicultural, only 1 mosque (not shi'a), 1 halal butcher and only a few halal restaurants.


Safiyah said...

City b, definitely!
I think fresh air, places to play and safety are very important to children, more important than the amount of mosques. The most important Islamic education for a child takes place at home anyway.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Salam.i wud def choose B...a masjid is a masjid..what difference does it make shia or sunah? Its still Allah that we pray to rite? I don't know much about shia islam but why would a sunnah masjid not be good for Shia to pray in? Thanks

Candice said...

Also B for me and this is the type of city I live in now, but my husband is very much an A city type of guy and would like to move.

Quality of life is much better here for children and I put them first, but for him, going out is much more interesting in city A.

Religion-wise, I think my children will have a better childhood and be exposed to less crap here (so better even islamically), even if there are not many Muslims like our city A, but it is harder for us as adults because of the limited interaction with Muslims.

New Wife said...

b for sure.

being around more mosques doesn't mean the kid will meet better muslims...

i lived in a small town with very few muslims and a large town with many many many muslims mashaAllah and I would for sure recommend the small town 100000 times over. Our community was soo so so much closer subhanAllah and of a better quality. One good example of this: there is a lot of shi'a/sunni tension in the big city but in my small town we had shi'a families pray along with the sunnis in the masjid mashaAllah.

so yeah, small town for sure.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I would lean toward the 2nd. I think you'll just have to be more intentional about creating time to be around other Muslims. With a child, you'll glad to feel more safe and have nice places to play outside and walk.

ellen557 said...

Anon it's more that I prefer not to stand out and this particular masjid is not 100% friendly towards Muslims of other schools of thought. Naturally I'd prefer my child to be in an environment where they would be welcomed for whatever school of thought but that's not so here.

Zahra said...

salaam alaikum,

just choose that which your natural instinct tells you to. use your heart and mind together. there are very few or no places which are how you would like them to be.

All the best! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ellen....wereeee arrreee u girl!...we miss ure blogging.
please update us on whats happening.

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