Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sorry for my continued absence! We found out a few months ago that I'm pregnant with our first alhamdulillah! So everything is hectic at the moment as we're taking this time to make big decisions because in a few short months inshaAllah we'll be focused on our little person.
Your duas are always appreciated :)


LK said...

YAY!!!! Thats so wonderful. I know you've been wanting a little one. Many blessings on your journey.

Anonymous said...

MashAllah, congrats sis! I'm happy for you two :)

lala said...

Mabrook!!!!!!! MashAllah so happy for u all, inshAllah all shoes smoothly and easily for u. You seem like u will be an amazing mom inshAllah. Congrats again!!!!

♥♥betoul♥♥ said...

machaallah tabarakAllah mabrook alik sister :) may Allah make the rest of your pregnancy easy nchaallah and u and ur new baby will b in the best health ameen

om khalil

Zahra said...

Oh my god!
That is just amazing amazing and completely fabulous news! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you.
My prayers are with you. Inshallah that you and the baby are doing good, and that this brings you loads and loads of happiness and Emaan in your life, Ameen

DD said...

Congratz Sis! What wonderful news! May Allah make your first pregnancy go smoothly and beautifully, Ameen <3

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