Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ramadan & pregnancy continued...

I decided a few days ago to fast as a trial and also to makeup one from last time, alhamdulillah I fasted for a day on the weekend with no issue at all. I've checked with the health professionals and have been advised to monitor baby movements - I've got an active baby already mashaAllah but if the baby slows down at any point then that is my signal to break the fast. I know for sure I won't fast the whole month as I work full time so I'm having a trial fast today at work and if that goes to plan then inshaAllah I can do one day on then one day off. If not, I'll just fast the weekends where I can nap during the day.
I definitely still agree with what I wrote before - fasting for the sake of it is just plain silly when you're pregnant. You really need to ensure that the risks are minimal for your particular stage, for example me as I will be finishing fasting just before the 3rd trimester, it is actually the easiest time to fast as the baby is not growing as rapidly as earlier on and you're not experiencing the massive changes of later pregnancy.

InshaAllah khair for all of us though.


LK said...

Your plan sounds like a great compromise and I'm very glad you discussed it with a professional first. And yes, since the baby isn't growing rapidly its safer for the baby. But the added weight and how much nutrients it takes from you could make it a bit rough. Mostly by third trimester you are just carrying him/her around waiting for him/her to be done! lol

Wish you luck! Be careful!

Spinny! said...

I hope you take extra *extra* care while fasting. Your baby is too precious. Hope you and the baby have an awesome Ramadhan! :)

Muslim Mommy said...

Your plan sounds great and reasonable:)) Fasting is just so wonderful, the benefits are hard to pass up. However, in these LOOONG days it's good to be cautious. I am nursing, but I have decided to fast because my child is 14 months and I feel like I can handel it. We really have to listen to our bodies. When my 1st child was a nursing toddler I did not fast because she nursed ALL THE TIME. It is also important to realize that Allah gave us this mercy for A REASON.

That being said, Rmadan Mubarak! I pray your Ramadan and your pregnancy go healthy and strong! AMEEN

Islam Muslimah said...

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu sis!!!!
May Allah make your pregnancy easy and reward you for your patience Ameen..

subhana'Allah I can't even imagine what you are going through!!!!

anyhow I stumbled upon your blog as I read that you were married to a Saudi and living in Aussieland masha'Allah!!

please stop by my blog www.onechinesemuslimah.blogspot.com!
take care

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