Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fasting while pregnant/breastfeeding?

Assalamu alaykum...

Thank you everyone for your kind words and duas :):) They're really appreciated and I can't thank you all enough for taking some time to wish us well alhamdulillah.
One thing I've been thinking a lot about lately is fasting during pregnancy. Ramadhan is around the corner and I can hardly imagine it without fasting! It shocks me that I went so long without it before considering how big a part of my life it is now.
Personally, I do not think I will fast - this is my first pregnancy and everything is new. I can't help but feel that fasting when it is not obligatory on me is creating too much of a risk. I'm especially worried because I will be entering the 3rd trimester in the beginning of Ramadhan and considering that that is when the biggest growth occurs for my child, I just don't think it's a good idea. I applaud women who are able to do it, I don't know if there's much more that I wish I could do than fast.

Fasting while breastfeeding seems easier for me to adjust to, considering I won't be working this time next year and can work around it like expressing, etc.

What are your experiences in Ramadhan while pregnant/breastfeeding?


LK said...

Candice just asked the exact same thing but about breast feeding. Ask your doctor about it. Although because it is the 3rd trimester I can't see him/her recommending it. The baby grows the most in the very beginning starting with the brain moving into the organs. However, the baby will grow in size rather rapidly come the third trimester. Adding on the extra weight you will make fasting hard. That baby relies on you for food exclusively. Not sure its worth the risk. Perhaps a modified fast? Water is most important so maybe allow yourself water and a little bit of food at a certain time of day?

You could also do what the Catholics do and give something up for Ramadan. Very modified fast but it wouldn't affect the pregnancy one bit. If I remember right, participating in a charity can be used in place of some fasts. You'd have to ask a professional lol

♥♥betoul♥♥ said...

subhanAllah i was just thinking the same thing today and u posted about it! lol
im due in the first week of october nchaallah and this is my first baby aswell alhamdulilah so really want to try nchaallah,and it is my 3rd ramadan aswell nchaallah i hope i can fast because it is such a special time and u do recieve so much barakah and ajr for it aswell as being pregnant. my advice would be try ur best and it is now shaban and sunnah to fast some days before ramadan, take this as an oppurtunity to "practice" see how you go. I will keep u in my dua and please keep me in yours :)

Zahra said...

I wish you the best. I have no advise on the subject, sorry.

But Inshallah there is a lot you can do besides fasting in order to cherish the spirituality of Ramadan. I know fasting is the backbone of it but it IS important that your little one gets all the nourishment he needs and that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy Inshallah!

Inshallah all goes smooth :)

lala said...

I didn't fast my past ramadans bc of either being pregnant or breastfeeding exclusively. This Ramadan I'll still be bfing iA but my daughter is 1 now so I will fast since she can do with supply issues. I've never understood how people do fast when preg or bfing... I always loose supply really quickly and get very light headed and weak. Then again I'm totally a snack every 3 hours type person. I'd try it for a few hrs, see how u handle it, but don't push it. Focus on prayers and just make it up iA. Anyway I wish you and your little baby the best this Ramadan and always, may allah keep u both safe/healthy/happy, amen!

creating memories.. said...

loved going through your blog :) you are taking the right decision by not fasting. when we are pregnant, we are taking care of another little soul too who needs all the nourishment he/she can get.. it would be discriminating to make our baby fast even before he/she is born :)

when you are free, please take a look at this little initiative of mine. i'am trying to get as many as possible to participate

Jazakumullah khair

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