Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nursing in public?

How do you breastfeed in public while wearing hijab?

We've got nursing rooms in shopping centres here that have curtained off armchairs, but most people don't shop 100% of the time when they're out so... help! I usually wear a long tunic or coat and jeans, am thinking I need to change this? Plus my son doesn't like something over his face while feeding so I can't wear one of those cover thingies...


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I feel like you still have a lot of options with hijab. If your baby hates having his face covered like my daughter did, you can still stay reasonably covered. I usually had a big sarong and just kind of draped it around, but not over her face, and kept my hand right on her face for when she got distracted and came unlatched. You can also learn to nurse in come types of baby carriers pretty discretely. The Ergo is a good one for this since it has the hood, but won't feel the same way as a blanket or scarf over the baby's face. The most important thing is to practice your method and be comfortable before trying it somewhere that it could be stressful.

LK said...

Are your windows dark in the back of your car? That would be an option. I know a lot of ladies that go out to their car to nurse when there aren't any good places to do so.

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