Sunday, January 20, 2013

Argh I wish I was one of those women that can try for another baby a few months after birth. I'd love to have another one! But far out, I'm way too scared of birth at the moment to think about another one.

That's what's been going through my head for the last week or so lol. Am overwhelmed with love for my son, so much so that I want to feel another bubby growing in me again... but not willing to go through what I went through so soon.


LK said...

Best to wait at least a year to give your body some time to recover. Pregnancy is really hard on the body. But I can see the advantages to having them very close together. God Willing, you'll have another one in good time :)

I hope your delivery wasn't awful btw! That is one of my biggest fears of ever having children!

Anonymous said...

Salam alaikum u may not remember me but i remembered you today while i was on the net and google your blog!! YOUR STILL HERE :) it makes me happy i used to blog randomhijabi name was samra like 4yrs ago but now im married and we were on facebook together (under my real name)but everything is deleted now my husband likes anonimity and i respect that. any ways alhumdulilah i have 2 children my first WOWWWWWWWW terrible traumatic birth and labour ended up getting a emergency c section "called" but as they were organising it my son decided to come out alhumdulilah unfortunatley i ripped completely from the cervix all the way out (after a drugless labour(besides that horrible one they gave me to make contractions stronger)) i had to get a epidural to get operated on lost over 1L of blood and 3 months later ended up with a blood infection. GRRR 9 months later i was preggas with number 2 while on holiday in egypt as you do...... and was petrified PETRIFIED!!!!!

the actual contraction yea they hurt lol but MAshallah it was not the same.... the birth :) he came out NOOOOOO tearing he wasnt crying cause the cord was around his neck he needed ressus and i prepared for the news. alhumdulilah he started breathing and was handed to me. i was completely untraumatised by the second labour same hospital defferent staff.

body recoverd amazingly better. Dont worry habibty leave it a lil unless your ready, although it is awesome seeing our little ones playing and growing together im so ready for number 3 lol and STILLLL SCARED about labour no.3 cause im not one for pain.

Im not sure what scarred you in your first labour but allah swt is with your baby and will guide them out when it is their time our contractions are our jihad and we get little muslims inshallah to teach watch grow and enjoy. Birth is not something we can plan AT ALLL (but a few sips of apple juice really help the body cope)

So sorry for the long message its been so long since i was even online and you stuck with me
And Alhumdulilah u finally converted ;) Inshallah allah grants you and your family jennah and forgives our sins ameen

Candice said...

I know what you mean to a certain extent. With my son, I just love him so much and love the time spent with him as a younger baby so much that it makes me want to re-live that. But being pregnant is just awful and I don't want to go through that again!

ellen557 said...

Lk I agree to be honest. I already miss him being a newborn, but want to continue nursing for a long time yet and have heard pregnancy can lower supply so perhaps in a year and a half or so?

Anon hiiiii!! I do! Your story sounds SO similar to mine, except for the infection later on. I want to write mine down here in a password protected post to get some closure for it lol, I hope you come back so you can see how similar it is to yours! Alhamdulillah for your second, it must've been so hard for you to see bubby like that... subhanAllah, I had a big scare with my son when he was 5 weeks and can't imagine anyone else going through something like that. It's horrible. But alhamdulillah.
I know what you mean... I want another but do NOT want another birth like that. Hmm.

Candice, I know! I miss my son as a little baby already. He's already so big that I feel it's gone so fast... wow. But then I start to feel like I'm not ready to think about another because I just want to be with him for a while. I had a really easy pregnancy though, but don't want to imagine how that would work having a bub already! You'd be 10 times more tired :(

LK said...

You should be able to create a password protected blog still. You'd need to make a new blog and add emails that are allowed to have the password.

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