Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Isn't a mothers love the craziest yet most overwhelming thing? Pre baby, I could never imagine how big my heart could get. But here I am, in love with an almost 4 month old, so in love with his every move. I often don't even have the strength to put him in his pram, so far from me... so he stays in my arms, always, entwined in fabric that thankfully allows us to do this. I can't bear to hear him cry, so he rarely does. I feel physical pain every time  I hear people encouraging mothers to let their children cry to sleep... subhanAllah. It's strange. Things that I didn't even bother to think about before consume me now.

I would never, ever have imagined this love was ever possible.


A. Zahra said...

MashaAllah. InshalAllah we all hope to experience this as well <3 Ameen.

Anonymous said...

Crying to sleep is a form of abuse. Any mother with even a bit of maternal instinct will realise this and instinctively want to hold her baby or feed her baby till it falls asleep. It's common sense. I'm sick of those advocates for cry it out and all the other garbage out there that they throw at mothers. Can't we just be mothers the way we are. The way Allah created us. Why do we need "experts" telling us how to do it? Grrr.

I'm glad you're enjoying motherhood so much. You sound like a lovely, amazing mum masha Allah tabarak Allah. I wish you all the best on this amazing journey.

- Huda

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