Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Femen" and I

This whole Femen thing really saddens me, for two reasons. The first is the obvious one - after going through so much to wear hijab, you think we'll ever remove it? If we remove it, we do so by our own choosing. No woman screaming in my face, burning my God's name, is ever going to convince me to remove hijab.

The second reason is that these women seem to think they are putting across a strong message. But in many of the photos that showed them in public, other people were only looking at their chests (not mentioning proper word here as it brings the blog up in google searches for that particular word lol). No matter what's written on your body, people are looking at your body, not the words! They're not taking in your message. It's the shock factor that has garnered them so much publicity - Amina, who you are apparently protesting for, is still wherever she is and your bare chests have not achieved anything. So... why?

It's just sad. Women are violently protesting against other women, when in reality feminism has nothing to do with what they are doing! It's a real shame.


edibe @ edbdesigns said...

wow Ellen.. I wasnt aware of this femen thingy until I read it on your blog... I googled it and the images were pretty disturbing. igh, some ppl! why cant we just let people be... as long as they are harming nobody...

LK said...

They're message is misguided. I get their intention but I can't even say their intention is good because of the way they talk about the women they are "saving". You don't call someone stupid that you are trying to save. They're extreme for sure.

This is a good example of how some groups get blinded and think their way is the only and right way. These women need to take a second look as to why they are doing what they are doing. Most Muslim women don't need "saving". You want to save women volunteer at a shelter or something. Don't degrade a culture, a religion, and a diverse group of women in the name of "saving" them. That is ignorant and arrogant behavior.

lala said...

it just reminds me of one of those hijab side-effects that made me want to wear hijab in the first place--to have to hone my character or my intellect in order to carry a message, rather than simply bare my body. it is so sad that they consider themselves empowered.

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